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The Process

Education & Utilization

The process begins with a frank exchange of information.  It's important to understand the client goals, budget and motivation.  And, its important that the client understands benefits and limitations of the product.  Happy to provide that education.

Structuring & Advocacy

The next step in the process is structuring the policy.  Another unique feature of a TCI policy is the ability to create bespoke policies.  The best part of the process is employing my knowledge of the product and advocacy skills to create a well priced policy which offers all the features, terms and coverage required to meet the outlined goals.

Service & Renewal

Finally, the focus becomes leveraging the policy to gain maximum value and achieve those goals.  Service provided includes negotiating coverage requests, policy compliance reminders and claim filing .  Rest assured that your account is not considered passive income.  The renewal is the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of the policy and negotiate any modifications.  


“In 2017, Kimberly helped my company reduce our premium by $90,000 while also increasing the benefits of our coverage. She also provided an immense amount of insight as we worked through the details and negotiations with multiple trade credit providers. One would be hard pressed to find a more helpful and hardworking advocate in the trade credit industry.”

"We've had a very positive experience with our direct sell broker but we were curious to see if competing trade credit insurance carriers could offer more coverage at a lower premium.  We were shocked when Kimberly presented an offer which will save us $55,300 annually and meet our coverage requirements. Kimberly crushed this fact finding exercise.  She worked hard to provide us with competitive offers and gave us some savvy insights. Very glad to have bumped into her on LinkedIn!" - Credit Manager, Wholesaler 

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