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ExIm Bank

This pay-as-you go option is often the best solution for small businesses and companies aiming to export to high-risk countries.

Non-Cancelable P0licies

If  a trade credit policy is required for your financing, a non-cancelable policy can be the most steadfast solution.

Cancelable Programs

An ideal choice for clients seeking  to rely on the carrier to determine creditworthiness of their buyers and prospective buyers.


“Kimberly helped my company reduce our premium by $90,000 while also increasing the benefits of our coverage. She also provided an immense amount of insight as we worked through the details and negotiations with multiple trade credit providers. One would be hard pressed to find a more helpful and hardworking advocate in the trade credit industry.” -- Director of Credit & Collections, wholesale trade industry

"We've had a very positive experience with our direct sell broker but we were curious to see if competing trade credit insurance carriers could offer more coverage at a lower premium.  We were shocked when Kimberly presented an offer which will save us $55,300 annually and meet our coverage requirements. Kimberly crushed this fact finding exercise.  She worked hard to provide us with competitive offers and gave us some savvy insights. Very glad to have bumped into her on LinkedIn!" -- Credit Manager, wholesaler 

“It has been a pleasure working with Kimberly Kelly. She was always quick to respond to our needs and advocate on our behalf. One particular situation comes to mind in which Kimberly went above and beyond. After submitting a trade credit claim, the money owed our company was recovered in full through collections. However, the carrier charged our company collection fees that were not actually owed by us, per our policy terms. Kimberly found this error immediately and contacted claims management. She ultimately saved us several thousand dollars in collection fees that she was able to have reimbursed to our company. Kimberly’s expertise and attention to detail made it much easier to navigate our trade credit policy.”  -- Executive Administrator, manufacturing industry

"I've had the pleasure of working with Kimberly Kelly for more than 5 years. Kimberly is always professional and goes the distance for her clients. She's very knowledgeable and experienced in Trade Credit Insurance.  She has been able to facilitate and negotiate policy renewals and fees at the highest level of efficiency." -- Credit Manager, printing industry

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