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Three Wise Field Examiners

I wanted to introduce you to a new field exam firm, Infinity ABL Services, LLC.

This seasoned team has 88 years of combined experience which has given them a broad range of industry knowledge, an eye for detail and exposure to a slew of field exam workpaper templates. This experience allows them to quickly absorb a work paper and with a detailed eye provide for pertinent feedback and impactful solutions for their clients.

Having sat on both sides of the table, partner Katherine Houser-Rodriguez knows exactly what lenders need to realize from a field audit. “We understand our client’s pain points and we understand how to help.”

This team has a keen understanding of the liquidation process and leverages that understanding to make certain that their clients are in the best possible collateral position, if

indeed, that worst case scenario is realized.

Partner Stephen Savage would not describe himself as a skeptic, but it's the skeptical point of view with which he approaches his work which brings value to his client relationships.

“We’re here to provide quality work and understanding of collateral being lent upon.”

Partner Thomas Taguchi will admit he is old school but always gets positive feedback when using phone calls to introduce himself during his initial review. Thomas seems to have mastered that balance between personal service and efficiency. “Often, time is better spent in conversation rather than waiting for an email to be answered.”

Infinity’s distinguishing logo design (click here) will give you additional insights into what they are hoping to achieve as a newly launched firm. If you’d like a team of senior examiners to provide feedback and consult on your ABL portfolio, email

If Trade Credit Specialty can help your clients augment their borrowing base or increase their advance rate, please reply to this email. We would be grateful for a spot on your TCI broker referral list.

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