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Sanction Resources

In light of recent world events and the anticipated revised ExIm policy DCL language, I thought it would be helpful to circulate some resources:

OFAC Sanctions List Search

The US Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security has developed a new Russia-Belarus resource page, which includes current press releases and a variety of additional information (and links to other information) that may be helpful:

Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS) Russia-Belarus Resource Page

Red Flag Indicators


Check EXIM’s Convicted Parties List before using the DCL. The Discretionary Credit Limit (DCL) endorsement (if applicable) will be revised to include language either (a) prohibiting the use of the DCL, or (b) requiring EXIM’s prior written approval before using the DCL, for transactions involving the individuals or companies that are on the Convicted Parties List.

ExIm Convicted Parties List

ExIm Country Limitation Schedule

The Country Limitation Schedule (CLS) indicates where EXIM is "open for cover" and where EXIM is "off-cover." The "open for cover" designation refers to the possibility, rather than the certainty of EXIM support in particular cases.

Country Limitations Schedule memo (PDF) as of 2/3/2022: CLS (PDF)

To subscribe to ExIm's CLS updates, please click here.

Shipping Containers
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