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**Easy Tool to Help Identify Scammers**

If you ask veteran business information expert, Louise Kern, president of Global Business Information Services, Inc. (GloBIS), the question: what is the best first step to determine the legitimacy of any company, her answer will be to check the registration date of their website. It turns out that the vast majority of scams are perpetrated by companies using a website or domain name that is less than one year old and registered for only one year. Everyone on your team including administration, sales and management can quickly find the registration date of a website using this link:

The domain name can typically be found in a web address or the portion of an email address following the @. For example, I used the GoDaddy link to search: Here is the result:

With over 30 years of international experience Louise Kern founded GloBIS in 2003 to cater to the growing number of small and medium sized enterprises expanding internationally. Initially focusing on China business information, GloBIS forged relationships with leading Chinese private and quasi-governmental credit reporting and market research enterprises. GlosBIS edged out venerable international business information companies to become the US Commercial Service’s source for International Company Profile ( ICP ) reports on Chinese companies in 2004. That same year, coverage was expanded to include information on businesses and individuals in every country. GloBIS credit reports are also accepted by
Ex-Im Bank

Like Trade Credit Specialty, GloBIS is passionate about sharing tools and delivering high quality information that can save businesses both time and money. GloBIS clients span the globe, ranging from one-person operations to Fortune 100s, Defense Conglomerates, International Law Firms, Investment Houses, and several Governments.
Quickly order a variety of reports or learn more about GloBIS by clicking their logo:

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