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The United States Export Import Bank (ExIm) is the US government’s export credit and financing agency.  Originally chartered in 1934 by Congress to support US jobs, their products uniquely provide US companies with export credit insurance, loan guarantees, working capital guarantees, and direct loans.  The program is quite a success.  Every year, ExIm Bank supports billions of dollars in US export sales and creates or sustains an estimated 250,000 jobs nationwide.  And, since inception, ExIm has remitted over a $1 billion to the US Treasury.​​

ExIm can be a great solution when private sector lenders and insurance companies are unable or unwilling to provide support to small U.S. exporters.  Most programs  have no minimum premium requirements.  Additionally, premium is collected monthly,  in conjunction with the required monthly sales declaration.  This “pay-as-you go” policy can be a welcome relief to the budget.

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